Michael Jareou

Michael Jareou is a multifaceted business leader with an incredible career as an entrepreneur and CEO of different successful companies. It was never just about Business for Michal as his main goal was always to help people and it has been proven to work, according to Mr. Jareou, helping people also gives something back, when you really help people with achieving their goals, they will try to do the same for you somehow, that’s also the meaning of “pay it forward”.

Michael Jareou started Digital Security Network (DSN) and it became one of the biggest electronic security companies in the USA, the company was then sold to a Fortune 100 company.

Michael could have retired at the age of 26 as a multi-millionaire but that was never the plan, he then started another company called Physicians Wellness Group (PWG), which also grew to be a multi-million-dollar marketing and distribution company. Michael Jareou also works as a business consultant and contractor helping other companies in the private and government sectors to achieve their goals.

With his tremendous business skills M. Jareou has caught the attention of some Tv stations such as Fox News, Radio Stations and different business publications.

According to Michael, crisis is one of the biggest tests for an entrepreneur or CEO, there are many lessons to be learn and being an open person to your team is one of the main priorities, communication skills can lead a long way when things are not going as planned.

Michael is also behind the success of other companies in different fields such as: Zareou, Nuverus, Prevail and Dex, these are all part of the Michael Jareou Global Holding.