About Us

Our history

Zareou Health is a technology-enabled, system of medical care, with a global reach.  Zareou Health is a Texas  corporation, founded in 2019, privately-owned with headquarters in Dallas, TX.  The founders and owners are Michael Jareou, Robert Beto, M.D., and Julian Bailes, M.D.  The establishing principles of Zareou Health include utilizing existing and emerging technology to provide healthcare services to underserved populations and to bring advanced and coordinated patient and disease management by utilizing telemedicine services in all aspects of healthcare needs. Guiding principles include being transformational for healthcare access and delivery and our goals are to increase quality, decrease costs, improve healthcare, more accessible and effective. Combined with Zareou ridesharing services, Zareou Health is a global leader in healthcare logistics innovation. Zareou Health exemplifies both a contemporary and futuristic disruptive technology to mission to improve value and access of healthcare.