MJ Holding LLC is a group funded by Michael Jareou in 1994. 

It now gathers a wide range of companies from different industries. Technology, PPE and healthy diet products are the main sectors of the group. MJ Holding is dynamic and keeps growing by including companies from other indsutries. 

MJ Holding LLC is a company driven by the vision of its CEO Michael Jareou. MJ Holding LLC owns, operates, and invests in businesses that are making a difference in everyday people’s lives. It cares for our stakeholders and are investing in businesses that are impacting the lives of millions of people around the world. 

Our portfolio of businesses ranges from nutrition to technology to real estate. MJ Holding LLC has over 30 years of worldwide experience operating in dierent sectors. Real Estate, Software, PPE, Health and Wellness Products are some of the industries in which the holding is involved. It has offices and resources all over the world, with a global and efficient logistic. Our corporate expertise helps us in making any project a success. Our CEO, Michael Jareou is the founder and main artisan of this success. MJ Holding LLC is a USA Based company headquartered in Dallas Texas. If you have a business need, MJ Holding can make it happen.